Friday, April 19, 2002

<Sparkle> I guess I'm not nearly as disciplined as I thought. Looks as though I wont be doing a daily blog, more like a monthly one. I've been having a hard time staying awake at work, sleep is over rated. So its lunch time and I'm just starting to feel like to talk to others and to smile or think or anything other than hunger and sleepy time. Just read a Frontline article on the meat industry. Man.. I need the will power to become a vegetarian again. I was one for almost 3 years or so. I would eat fish and meat only during special occasions, one of those being when it was free, like at a friends bbq. Even then I barely could physically handle it, my tummy would be doing cartwheels by the end of the meal. Now I'm a full fledged meat eater though a steak is pushing it. I'm a sucka for whataburger and tacos. I've got to stop..the Frontline article reminded me of all the drama that comes along with eating meat. I just had a horrible spout of tummy problems, ones I never had when i was eating just veggies. Plus I feel like poopy when I eat a burger, I get a heavy yucky feeling. The burger may taste great for a second, but its not even close to worth it fat content wise. I looked up that a Mc Donald's quarter pound cheeseburger has 30 grams of fat the recommended daily allowance is 65 grams of fat, add a large fries and add 26 more grams of fat making a burger with fries 56 grams, leaving only 9 grams of fat for the rest of the day. Wow, enough to make you think twice about doing the super size thing. I guess I need to get more organized and start making more time for my meals. I try but if the meal takes longer than 30 min then I'm usually not going to be able to make my Martial arts Class. </Sparkle> <!--12:06-->


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